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Manofest List: The 10 Hottest Videos of Girls Doing Jumping Jacks

Being the athletic man I am, watching Videos of Girls Doing Jumping Jacks motivates me to get off the couch, stretch out my leg muscles, put on my sneakers, jog to my bathroom and take a shit while masturbating. It’s kinda like a self-Blumpkin, but without the hot babe and blowjob and way sadder.

Due to all of the latest female exercise gimmicks, it seems that good old-fashioned jumping jacks have been all but forgotten. Studies have shown that jumping jacks are easily the best overall bodily workout for women. They work the arms, legs and it really works their chest.

The reason jumping jacks are great so for their chest area is because they strengthen the pectoralis muscles and tone the lobules while making the duct, fatty tissue and areolas more light and fluffy. Just ask supermodel Marisa Miller, apparently she swears by them.

#10 Busty Cowgirl Does Some Jumping Jacks – In Texas, they refer to these jumping jacks as “jumping jacks with two sides of beef.”

#9 Morning Radio Intern Forced To Do Jumping Jacks – Somewhere Clarence Thomas is watching this video and smiling.

#8 Cute Brunette Does Some Pregame Warm Up Jumping Jacks –

If you don’t stretch your boobs muscles before playing basketball, you can really injure your boobs.

The Top Hottest Videos of Girls Doing Jumping Jacks at Manofest.