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Cracked List: The 6 Most Politically-Incorrect Video Game Moments

I’ve enjoyed my fair share of inappropriate video games, as well as lists of inappropriate video games (any ones I’ve never heard of go on my wishlist). So when Cracked compiled a list of Politically-Incorrect Video Game Moments and I saw a bunch of titles I’ve never heard of before…well, now I know what I want for Christmas. Specifically, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

As much as we love Japan, they do seem to be about 30 years behind the rest of the world in the area of political correctness. And while it may be wrong to stereotype Japan in an article about cultural insensitivity, we can’t help but notice their domination of the game industry has led to some hilariously cringe-inducing moments. We’re talking about games like…

#6. Vendetta (1991)

In the Japanese version of this Sega Genesis game, men clad in leather chaps and a bushel of chest hair daintily stroll up to your character and attack. And when we say “attack,” we mean “dry hump you from behind.”

If there are two of these leather-clad enemies on the screen simultaneously, the other one will sometimes hump a light pole until the bulbs drop on his head, bludgeoning him.

Gay or straight, if two people are so horny that they’re willing to risk their lives to have intercourse with a light pole, wouldn’t common sense dictate that they’d just have sex with each other instead? And what does that say about the one guy who continues to probe a stranger’s anus while he watches his friend die from blunt trauma to the skull?

Maybe he’s just afraid of the poison that seems to coat the genitals of gay men in Konami’s Vendetta universe (your life bar drains substantially with each thrust of the attacker’s hips).

Almost As Bad…

While Vendetta really set the bar for unrealistically flamboyant portrayals of male homosexuals, Sega’s Bare Knuckle 3 (Streets of Rage 3 in the US) couldn’t back down from the challenge. Thus, they gave us Ash.

He slaps. He cries when he’s defeated. He strikes effeminate poses, covers his mouth while giggling and bends his knees inward, all while looking every bit the Village Person.

Yet, you can measure the progress of Japanese game developer attitudes toward homosexuality by the fact that in a game made three years later, the gay character no longer humps you to death.

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