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The 10 Hottest Videos of Girls Eating Food

Wow, it’s really shaping up to be a fat-tastic day! First, we shared with you Holy Taco’s list of The Greatest Fast Food Sides; now we have a proper follow up with Manofest’s 10 Hottest Videos of Girls Eating Food.

Nothing fills my heart (and pants) with joy more than a hot babe eating food all sexy-like. Or maybe I’m just hungry. In any case, food fetishists, enjoy.

There’s something really hot about a girl putting stuff in her mouth … especially food. And for some reason, when the food is a certain elongated shape it’s really, really hot. I’ve traveled the world searching for the answer to this question and the closest I came was in Bangkok. That’s where a wise fortune teller told me it was because girls putting things in their mouths makes men think of “row jobs”. I don’t see how canoeing has anything¬† to do with this, so I guess I’ll keep trying to solve this mystery.

#10 Cute Brunette Tries To See How Many Licks It Takes To Get To The Center Of Her Tootsie Pop - This explains why the Tootsie Pop Owls eyes looked like giant tits.

#9 The Unbelievably Hot Kelli Garner Eats Licorice In Her Panties - Okay, so she never really takes a bite of it but she does lick it with her tongue. And who cares, look at that caboose!

#8 Bikini Babe Eats Whipped Cream At The Beach - If you’re ever on spring break and a girl does this in front of you, tell her your the third string quarterback for your schools football team. Trust me, it works like 45% of the time.

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