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The 10 Greatest Fast Food Sides

I don’t care what nutritionists say: fast food is awesome, delicious, awesomely delicious and a part of my everyday diet. It’s the gyms that are the problem. When I eat a Baconator or two and wash it down with a large Dr. Pepper, my motivation to run on a treadmill aimlessly suddenly dwindles.

They really need to up the motivation tactics at the gym–maybe offer a gift certificate to Popeye’s for anybody that exercises for over 15 minutes straight. I would totally go to that gym in an artery-clogged heartbeat. Until then, here’s Holy Taco’s list of The 10 Greatest Fast Food Sides to help motivate your girth.

10. Cheesy Tots – Burger King
If there’s one thing cheese and potatoes need, it’s a coating of deep-fried batter.

The starving African girl I sponsor for a cup of coffee a day isn’t capable of comprehending these.

Calories/12pc: 430
Total Fat (grams): 24

9.  Chicken Rings – White Castle
A little known fact: The ring is the most succulent part of the chicken. White Castle knows this. White Castle knows all.

(It should be noted that the Castle also offers you the option of a Chicken Ring Sandwich. With or without cheese. God bless you White Castle.)

Calories: 320
Total Fat (grams): 23

8. Sausage Poutine –  Chez Ashton (Canada Only)
For those of you who haven’t ventured north of the border, Poutine is the reason we have not invaded Canada. Consisting of French fries, cheese curds and gravy, this little heart attack in a bowl will leave you waving off the defibrillator.  But Chez Ashton decided to toss a few sausages on top just for good measure. This belongs on this list of school lunches.

Calories: 630
Total Fat (grams): 37

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