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12 Amazing Uses for a Condom

I barely get one use out of a condom these days, so these alternative uses will help bide the time until I have sex again (not really but they’re fun anyhow).

use1 12 amazing uses for a condom

1.  Cake Frosting Dispenser

A decent and intelligent answer to a very tricky art, Frosting a cake over the lands has been one major issue, I’m sure you’ve heard it from your old next door neighbor at some point, WHAT CAN BE DONE??

use2 12 amazing uses for a condom

2.  Portable Fish Tank

One amazing solution to the problem of not being able to take your fish tank where you want is now solved. Take it to work, take it to the toilet, take it to the movies. They’ll love you for it and it’s all very good!

use3 12 amazing uses for a condom

3.  Hanging Flower Basket

Seriously looking for something to get your mum for Christmas, imagine her surprise when she receives this adjustable, quality life giving basket…

use4 12 amazing uses for a condom

4.  Casing for homemade Sausages

Low on money, need some food? Haven’t had sex in a long while?

Well dig out your old condoms and use them as casings for some yummy sausage meat. Just vision yourself tucking into Sunday roast with these bad boys on your plate…

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