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The Most Ridiculous Craigslist Postings Ever

A large part of my work day is dedicated to looking at “Casual Encounters”, “Missed Connections” and “Best of Craigslist” and watch humanity one-up itself. And we do. Every day. Thankfully, AMOG has collected what they consider to be The 10 Most Ridiculous Craigslist Postings of All Time, and I would be hard-pressed to disagree. You can comment below, but it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests.

1. Let us frolic in my totally dope blanket fort

blanket-1 10 Most Ridiculous Craigslist Posts of All TimeObviously, the post title gets one’s attention, and is the epitome of ridiculous. Then, of course, it only gets better when you check out the pictures of this guy’s “totally dope” blanket fort. Clearly, this guy went to all the trouble of building a fabulously crappy blanket fort in the feeble attempt to prove that he could do so.

At least he admits that it’s crappy, calling it just a “prototype.” Um, hello? If you want to impress the ladies, oh Blanket Fort Man, you should have built an impressive blanket fort in the first place. Don’t you know that women only want guys who can build AMAZING blanket forts?! Nevertheless, let’s hope that, if this guy didn’t find love, he at least found better blankets.

2.Haunted toaster

toaster-2 10 Most Ridiculous Craigslist Posts of All TimeIt’s hard enough selling things on Craigslist, so people have resorted to selling things with a bit of extra provenance. Take this woman, who claims that the haunted toaster hates her and burns her toast. If that is the case, well then, they’re a lot of haunted toasters.

Or maybe, just MAYBE, there are a lot of ridiculously stupid people out there who can’t figure out how to use a toaster! If nothing else, though, it would have been very amusing to watch her drop the toaster off the roof, which is probably what ended up happening.

3. My Casual Encounters Experience

lips-3 10 Most Ridiculous Craigslist Posts of All TimeOh yes, the seedy side of Craigslist is exposed here. It’s funny to read the disclaimer when entering these more sinister parts of Craigslist, in which they advise people to practice safe sex. Yeah, like that happens.

The people who are desperate enough to post an advertisement looking for NSA (No Strings Attached for all you virgins out there) aren’t thinking about that, They want to get it on, and get it on quickly.

Clearly, this ridiculous post shows the rantings of a very sexually frustrated and overall bitter woman.

She wasted her time ranting on good ‘ol Craigslist, when she could have, say, gone out into the real world and possibly met a well-endowed, normal guy.

On the other hand, with all of the trouble she went to, she might as well have just purchased a vibrator.

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