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The 10 Hottest Celebrity Complex Magazine Photoshoot Videos

Yes, this Manofest Top 10 List is extremely specific, but it’s only to maintain a certain quality throughout the article, meaning all entries are required to have delicious boobs and bodies. That’s the kind of journalistic dedication I admire.

So there’s like this magazine called Complex and they like to take photos of hot celebrities kinda like Maxim and FHM. The thing that makes them different is that they do these like artsy photos with the girls doing cool stuff in warehouses and pouring sodas on themselves. I believe they call that photographic style “urban” or some shit but I’m not really sure.

#10 Rachel Leah – The theme of this photoshoot seemed to be the effects of mixing a bikini with this UFC Otagon Girl’s chest octagons.

#9 Nicole Scherzinger - When choosing the hottest Pusscat Doll, Complex chose wisely, since I’m pretty sure the other girls in the band are actually guys.

#8 Rihanna - If this whole music career thing doesn’t end up working out for Rihanna, Complex was nice enough to help her show the world that she can also be a very successful bikini car washer.

The Hottest Celebrity Complex Magazine Photoshoot Videos at Manofest.