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10 Most WTF Sexual Fetishes Ever

I’m not one to judge–I write about boobs and hilarity, after all–but sometimes people amaze me with what gets them aroused. Call me old fashioned, but give me a revealing top on a moderately good-looking gal and I’m ready for a bathroom break. You could say my sexual fetish is sex.

But for those who would like to venture into the wild world of fetishes, Boosh Magazine has compiled the 10 Most WTF Sexual Fetishes Ever for your enjoyment (or eternal horror, depending on your fancy).

Our knowledge of fetishes has always been pretty limited to pop culture; like an episode of some cheesy sitcom where we realize the shoe salesman has a deeper love for Manolos than we thought. Or when the main character comes home after work to find her new boyfriend watching the Playboy channel in her underwear. Recently though, I caught a TV show that mentioned Apotemnophilia–getting sexually aroused by the thought of having a body part amputated–something I never knew existed.

So channeling my inner pervert, I did some research and rounded up some of the funniest, surprising, disgusting and cringe-worthy fetishes I could find:

1.) Emetophilia

Arousal from vomit, also known as “The Roman Shower” when practiced.

Attention all single bulimics: this is your man.

2.) Necrophilia

Arousal from dead people or sexual activity with the dead.

The next time you’re planning a funeral, be sure not to invite this person.

3.) Agalmatophilia

Arousal from dolls, mannequins and non-living human figures
Note: Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids make great gifts.

4.) Exhibitionism

Arousal from exposing genitals to unsuspecting people.

(Favorite hangout spots: Public libraries in the medical journal section and subway tunnels between the hours of 8 and 10pm.)

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