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The 15 Funniest Family Guy Moments of All Time

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Family Guy, but I’m well aware the series used to be funnier. For nostalgia’s sake, Manofest has listed The 15 Funniest Family Guy episodes to dull that bad taste the latest episodes have left in our collective mouths. Here’s to a revelation and funnier seasons ahead.

I remember a time when Family Guy used to be funny and a lot of people used to think it was really funny. I’ll be the first to admit that I used to like the show and it used to be funny. I tried to watch a few new episodes recently and it almost sucks more than American Dad … that is a frightening statement. So here’s to a time when Family Guy used to be funny and relevant. Does it suck now because all of the writers got rich and developed cocaine habits or something? That’s supposed to make the show better!

#15 Peter Breastfeeds Stewie - Of all the advantages men were given, we really got screwed in the breast area. No fun boobs and no free milk.

#14 You Have AIDS - This is how doctors should deal with every STD test that comes back positive.

#13 The Evil Monkey Revealed - After all we’ve done to monkeys, the least we could do is make them some monkey porn.

#12 Cookie Monster In Rehab - I wonder if there’s any truth to the rumor that the Cookie Monster is actually married to the “Cockie Monster.” I hear she’s really hot and she loves to eat …

#11 Chris Enters Take On Me - If I could transport myself into any music video it would would be Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time.” I’d replace Magic Johnson and Iman.

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