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The Best Worst Movies

As a huge fan of ‘badfilm’–I have watched Plan 9 from Outer Space far too many times to take seriously–I endorse Maxim’s Best Worst Movie list with all of my guilty heart, and hope more people will find awesomeness in the ridiculous.

13. Anaconda
This is a movie that, on the surface, had one thing to offer — giant snakes — but actually turned out to have so much more. Great “before they were stars” casting (Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson), Jon Voight strangulating the English language, and Eric Stoltz with a gaping hole in his neck for 90% of the movie. Plus, there´s no way you can tune out before the camera takes on the POV of the anaconda´s throat as it swallows Voight whole.

12. Summer School
Mark Harmon, the stiffest man on the planet who still has a pulse, plays a laid-back, Cali surfer dude-turned-teacher. It´s a tough sell, but sun stroke and hash are the only way to explain why his love interest is…Kirstie Alley? Yeesh. Still, as “gaggle of high school misfits” go, Summer School has the best crop—Dave and Chainsaw are a cooler man´s Jeff Spicoli.

11. The Transporter
Guys don´t need curtains, hand towels, or dishes—just a couch, a fridge, and a TV. And we don´t need plots, characters, or dialogue—just lots of random action, and a ton of fast BMW driving while a hot Asian woman is tied up in the trunk. The Transporter just “gets” us, you know?

Hell, we can´t even recall the main character´s name. Who cares? Just don´t kill our buzz by bringing up The Transporter 2. Not cool.

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