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The 10 Hottest Moments in Jessica Alba History

Manofest knows the best way to deal with a Thanksgiving weekend hangover is with hot videos of hot babes. This time around, it’s Jessica Alba. Enjoy.

For Jessica Alba, getting through daily life must really be a struggle. How she manages to wake up every morning, look at herself naked in the mirror and manage to leave the house or get anything done is beyond. If I was Jessica Alba I would put one of those ceiling mirrors over my bed, never wear any clothes and spend all day everyday … well, touching myself. Occasionally I’d stop to eat spaghetti and watch Sportscenter, but that’s about it.

#10 Jessica And Her Yellow Bikini Get Attacked By The Ocean - Even water is horny for Jessica Alba. Look at that ocean attack her like a bear in heat. And it appears as if that water made her chest area a little excited.

#9 Jessica In Her Bra And Panties In Fantastic Four - I hope she decides to do a pornographic remake of this one day called “The Fantastic Two.”

#8 Jessica Takes A Shower In The Eye - And after Jessica is down showering, she was nice enough to wear a fairly see through tank top.

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