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The 12 Lamest Fatalities

There was a time when performing a fatality was an awesome reward where you further humiliated your defeated opponent by savagely mutilating them. But sometimes fatalities are just flat out lame. Here are our picks for the worst of the worst that span from the original Mortal Kombat to Ultra Vortek.

#12: Lui Kang’s Death by Arcade Machine
Ok, Midway, you can make your jokes when it comes to Mortal Kombat. It’s not exactly War and Peace, so we can chuckle when someone screams “Toasty!” after Scorpion sets fire to a dude. But meta-humor can only be taken so far. If you want to know where the line is, it’s a few miles before dropping the arcade machine you’re playing on your opponent.

Oh, and this wacky finisher was probably the precursor to the creation of Friendships, so we have another reason to loathe this moronic fatality.

#11: The Flash’s Tornado Slam from MK vs. DC
For some reason, the superheroes (and even the villains) of the DC Universe are unable to take a life–probably because they want to sell fewer comics than Marvel. That poses a bit of a problem when they’re put into a game where you get extra points for murdering your opponent at the end of a match. Midway’s solution was “Heroic Brutalities,” in which the DC characters basically unleashed a devastating attack that doesn’t quite kill their opponent.

The lamest of the bunch has to be the Flash’s tornado slam, in which the speedy superhero runs around his opponent, creating a whirlwind that carries the character, and then slamming him to the ground with a punch.

Of course, The Flash could have probably just tossed him in the air with a speedy uppercut, but then you wouldn’t be extremely disappointed by the volleyball spike at the end.

#10: Raiden’s Mini-Raiden Friendship
Friendships, the fatalities where you befriended your stunned adversary instead of slaughtering them, were funny the first time you saw them, but ultimately were out-of-place in the Mortal Kombat universe, and mark the beginning of the decline of the series when it went from being a dark and serious fighting game to somewhat of a joke. The worst of the Friendship moves was Raiden’s where he summoned Kidd Thunder, a miniaturized version of himself.

Just watch the video and tell us you’re not confused.

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