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Manofest List: The 10 Greatest Videos of Animals Playing Sports

Is teaching animals to play sports a huge mistake? Once they all learn to play sports, what’s next? Think about it, there’s way more animals than humans on this planet and if they ever learn to use guns we could all be in big trouble. Most animals have a right to be pretty pissed at us at this point and want revenge. Especially the dogs that we’ve pulled the old chewing gum prank on. I’d hate to encounter those bitter bastards after they’ve received proper military training.

#10 The Slam Dunking Monkey - He was the first monkey to go straight from high school to the MBA. That’s the Monkey Basketball Association. I swear, it totally exists. That’s what it says on Wikipedia.

#9 Hamster Goes Bowling - Like most great bowlers, this hamster clearly got drunk before he played.

#8 Dog Goes Surfing - I know, I know … the dog always tells sex wax jokes and his favorite movie is Point Break. Typical dog surfer.

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