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Manofest List: The 10 Hottest Olivia Munn Moments from Attack of the Show

I’ve put a lot of thought into this and I think I’ve planned out my perfect Sunday if it were to include Olivia Munn. And just so you’re aware Olivia, I am 6’3″ 220 pounds of pure vanilla with dark hair and blue eyes. Just throwing that out there.

Anyways, so my my perfect day with Olivia would start out with us lying in bed eating several forms of bacon while we discussed the pornographic film that we both so lovingly shared together the night before. Then I’d watch her take a three-hour shower while I drank an entire bottle of scotch, followed by a two-hour tickle fight. Then Olivia would grill pork chops naked and feed them to me while she rubbed baby oil on her body as I watched football. After that game is over, Olivia decides to do a two-hour striptease and then we go up to my room and where Olivia makes an hour-long self-gratification home video while I play video games.  Once I’m done playing video games, we watch the video that Olivia just made and watch Sportscenter. Then we have a farting contest before we fall asleep in a spooning 69 position. You know, a typical Sunday.

#10 Olivia Rides The Hawaii Humping Chair - I recommend watching this one in slow motion. Just press pause a bunch of times.

#9 Olivia Eats A Hot Dog -

She got pretty much the whole hot dog down in one bite and didn’t even gag. Which means she’d be fun to go to a baseball game with.

#8 Olivia Shows That Co-Host Dude Her Boobie - I think his name is Kevin or something? Sorry buddy, you’re slight invisible standing next to Olivia.

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