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Cigar Psychology: How Do You Hold Your Cigar?

I’ve only smoked cigars a few times in my life. Most of those times were spent choking down some bodega-bought stogie, pretending that I was ultra sophisticated. I wasn’t. But there was this one time in Miami where my friend’s father had a formal party and all his friends were smoking and politicking with one another…

Wanting to feel awesome, I strolled up and casually requested a cigar. Suddenly all of them were offering up expensive cigars like their daughters, with great pride and honor.

My friend’s dad, host of the party and all-around don of the ages, puts his hand on my shoulder and says “You may have one of these, my friend” in a commanding tone. He opens up this ornate cigar box and lights me one of his finest hand-rolled Cubans. Needless to say, I was pretty cool for the next 2 hours of my life, even if I held my cigar like a pansy-boy.

For those who want to know what their cigar-holding says about their personality, take a look at these examples by the experts at Cuban-Cigar.

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A good orator, a fine psychologist

Judicious, fair-minded

Spirited, touchy, though a man of his word

Sprightly, outgoing, self-willed

Elegant, grand

Find more cigar-holder characteristics at Cuban-Cigar.

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