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10 Vampires Who Will Turn Your Skin White

With the “highly-anticipated” Twilight coming out today, no doubt making teenagers squeal at the sight of Robert Pattinson, Spill has compiled a list of truly horrific vampires that go far beyond pale skin and hatred of sunlight.

10. Alex Winter as Marko – The Lost Boys

I feel pretty bad for this guy because he’s not exactly the cutest puppy in the litter. Now, put that face behind some weird contacts and vampire teeth and he definitely is a frightening sight! As one of my favorite lines from a comic says, “It looks like the ugly stick got hit with your face!”

9. Andrew Stehlin as Arvin – 30 Days of Night

It was hard to choose who was the ugliest of this bunch because, well, all of them are (especially if ugly directly translates as scary in some language). It’s not so much the soulless, whiteless black eyes or the razor sharp, shark-like teeth, it’s the scary ass demeanor he carries.

He’s out for blood and nothing (or nobody) can stop him.

8. Corey Feldman as Caleb – Bordello of Blood

Naturally, once I found out Corey Feldman was in this flick, I immediately decided to rent it. Feldman’s no stranger to vampire movies (i.e. The Lost Boys) so I thought perhaps I’d have the chance to see him on the other side as one of the undead…and boy, did I!

Now I totally take it back because he’s one scary looking vampire.

7. Salma Hayek as Santanico Pandemonium – From Dusk Till Dawn

There’s no doubt that this woman is GORGEOUS, so of course, when she does a little number in nothing but a tight bikini, guys and girls alike were hooked to the screen like it was visual crack.

However, moments later, the beauty turns into the beast when her dark side is revealed, sending shivers down all viewers’ spines.

6. Gary Oldman as Dracula – Dracula (1992)

Alright, so he’s sort of…tolerable looking throughout most of the film, but when he’s ugly, he’s UGLY! Not only is that odd boob head of his enough to turn your head sideways, but when he transforms into that bat-human hybrid, it was enough to make me throw myself off the couch.

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