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Wrestling Moves That Sound Like Sex Acts

Here are the top 20 wrestling moves that sound like sex acts. Enjoy.

20. Pumphandle Drop
This is when a lady gives up on your handjob due to exhaustion.

19. Alley Oop
An alley oop happens when you get semen on your clothes after having sex with a prostitute in an alley on your lunch break, and have to go back to work.

18. Wishbone
This is when you poke your lady in the back with your morning boner, in hopes that she’ll “get the message”.

17. Rocket Launcher
This “finishing move” requires that your purposely not ejaculate for a week before getting a beej from your lady.

16. Japanese arm drag
This is when a pervert Japanese businessman dresses his arm up in women’s garments and pays you to do whatever pervert Japanese businessmen are into. It’s probably like “the stranger”, but way creepier.

15. Double flapjack
Having sex with two women who have never worn bras in their lives.

14. Mountain Bomb
You have to yell this before you cum on your ladies’ tits.

13. Irish whip
Smacking somebody with a super small weiner.

12. Camel clutch
At least two fingers inserted into a vagina.

11. Mushroom stomp
When you give a mushroom stamp to a girl with a British accent.

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