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The 10 Hottest Celebrity FHM Photoshoot Videos

FHM is the greatest thing to come out of the United Kingdom since Shepard’s Pie. For those of you who aren’t that smart or don’t reall care, FHM means “for him” and they provide the world¬† with an even hotter form of pie . Every month, FHM brings us with photos of the hottest “pie” the world has to offer. We all owe FHM a great deal of gratitude. I’m considering sending them my first born daughter as a token of my appreciation. I figure she’s going to be pretty hot considering that my wife will probably be Asian or Russian.

#10 Kristanna Loken - The former T3 and Blood Rayne babe, Kristanna is not a fan of wearing clothing. And supposedly she thinks farting is “hot.”

#9 Jenna Jameson - Don’t worry, this is before Jenna turned into the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

#8 Catherine Bell -¬† If Catherine was smart she would have a metal bell implanted into each of her breasts. Then every time she shook her boobs her bells would ring. That’s called marketing genius.

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