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4 Sex Positions in a Small Car

Read on for our illustrated guide to doin’ it well in a small car.

The first thing to know is that you probably want to begin this venture on an empty stomach, since you’ll be be scrunching and bending a lot. It also helps to be fairly flexible and not be wearing more than two layers of clothing.

Being that these cars are quite generous with windows, you probably don’t want to be just outside the drive-thru at your local veggie burger stand, either. (Unless you want an audience, that is.)

If you’re game to try something new, here are a four eco-conscious positions designed with the compact vehicle in mind.

(And yes, we realize that our model car isn’t a modern, efficient vehicle, but we didn’t have the Barbie Smart Fortwo on hand. Hello, Santa?):

Note: For these demonstrations, we’ll be describing the actions as they would happen between a man and a woman, not because we’re biased, but because setting these Barbie dolls up for some girl-on-girl (or guy-on-guy) action has never felt right since that time we got caught by our school teachers doing this exact same thing.

Position #1: The Passenger Seat Cowgirl

This one works great with front seat only vehicles, such as the Smart Fortwo.

Barbie Green Compact Vehicle Front Seat Cowgirl Sex Photo

Keeping things sexy is as easy as ever in silver glittery boots, especially when sans pants. Michael Jackson would of course be one to know this, as demonstrated in the above photograph. Photo credit: Marisa Harris

You’re not going to get very far in the driver’s seat with that steering wheel in your way. You could try to pull it back as far as it can go, but trust me, it probably still won’t leave you enough room. The guy involved with this venture is going to need to be seated in the passenger seat with the seat back dropped back to about 45 degrees. Without the seat tilted back, she is going to have very little headroom while seated upon his lap and will probably get one heck of a crick in her neck, which can really spoil the moment.

Let’s back up for a minute, because unless she’s wearing a convenient outfit, such as a dress or miniskirt, she’s going to have to get at least partially undressed. This will quite honestly be easiest to do while standing outside the vehicle, but if she doesn’t feel comfortable with that, the backseat is a good spot for her to take her knickers off. To keep the mood sexy, it’s easiest to swing around the passenger seat (left leg first) onto his lap once she’s ready to go.

Position #2: Mission Missionary

This one only works on passenger seats with maximum decline capability.

Barbie Green Compact Vehicle Front Seat Missionary Sex Photo

Photo credits to Marisa Harris

This one is done with the woman seated in the passenger seat slid back as far as it will go, and then the seat back also tilted back as far as it will go.

When finished setting up, the seat should practically be laying on the backseat’s bottom cushion.

Next, she can slide herself up the seat back slightly to give the guy a little extra leg room as he will need to climb in the seat facing her; if necessary, she may need to use a few articles of clothing to position her neck and/or back comfortably. This makes for a great excuse to strip each other down a bit more.

Once she’s comfortable, he can enter the passenger seat, resting his knees on the bottom cushion, and supporting his upper body by placing his hands on the lower backseat cushion. She can then arrange her legs comfortably on top of either the dash, arm rest, or entire driver’s seat area. Finish arranging yourselves as necessary to get a proper connection, and, once there, you’ll both find that you actually have more room to play than you would have thought.

Note: This position also works in the backseat, but as we were reminded while attempting to finagle our Barbie and Ken doll, such vehicles can be narrow and a leg and a head can easily become disconnected in the process. You will have more room to stretch out going from the front seat to the back, rather than across the rear seat. Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone dislocates a leg or head!

By the way, if you’re wondering why these positions focus on the front seats, while the more traditional car adventures typically take place in the back seat, here’s your answer: If you think about all the reviews of autos today, most of them report roomy front seats and rather cramped backseats. So unless you’re a rather small couple, you can actually achieve more head room and maneuverability for many positions while in the front seats of these smaller cars.

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