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The 10 Hottest Moments in Marisa Miller History

Marisa Miller simply can’t be real. It’s just not possible for a women to have that awesome of a body with large ans supposedly real chest pillows and a perfect face. I’m simply not buying it at this point.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that many of the world’s greatest athletes (Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, John Daly, etc.) are actual aliens and I believe Marisa is too. And we all know how good alien sex supposedly is.

#10 Marisa Runs Around The Beaches Of Costa Rica - And we all know what happens when Marisa runs. Bouncy boobie fun!

#9 Marisa Makes Softball Hot - Marisa is pretty much the exact opposite of every female softball player you’ve ever seen.

Hopefully she adopts the lesbian part soon.

#8 Marisa Looking Ridiculously Hot On Letterman – It is interesting watching a member of the male species actually try to communicate with Marisa.

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