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The 5 Weirdest Anniversary Episodes

Happy (First!) Anniversary to the folks at OMGLists.

5 – The Simpsons- “Natural Born Kissers”

The Celebrators:

Homer and Marge Simpson

How it went wrong:

After a subpar anniversary dinner at Up, Up, And Buffet, Homer and Marge realize the magic has disappeared from their marriage. That magic is found when the couple is almost caught sneaking into a barn during a thunderstorm, and the animated couple realize they have a shared exhibitionist fetish, which is later tested when a semi-public tryst is discovered.

4 – Family Guy- “Death Lives”

The Celebrators:

Peter and Lois Griffin

How it went wrong:

Sending his wife, Lois on a meaningless scavenger hunt on their anniversary, Peter Griffin spends his ill-gotten day off playing golf. Karma pays him back when he’s struck by lightning, nearly killing him. An Adam Corolla-voiced Grim Reaper arrives to show him the error of his ways, showing Peter pivotal moments throughout his relationship with Lois. Peter eventually amends his ways with the help of Death himself and Peter Frampton.

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