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The 10 Hottest Boob Commercials of All Time

If your company sells a product that’s defective, doesn’t really work or was only made possible by the senseless slaughter of countless koala bear hookers, you don’t need to worry. There are these places called advertising agencies, and they have access to tons of hot girls with breasts who can sell just about anything. Simply give them your product and they’ll hold it in the vicinity of their boobs and you’ve got yourself a winning product.

You can also not show your product in the commercial, let the girl do hot stuff with her boobs for thirty seconds and slap your logo on the screen at the end. This is highly recommended if your product really sucks.

#10 Cute Brunette Blows Some Boobalicious Bubbles - I only blowing on boobs actually made them bigger.

#9 Hot Blonde Can’t Find Her Taters - If only Americans were really away of how many tragic accidents are caused each year by giant breasts. Suffocation is the main cause of death by them.

#8 The Dangers Of Fake Breasts And Not Shaving -  One day she will grace us with some front boob and what a day it will be.

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