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5 Hot Dogs That Will Kill You

Sure, most hot dogs will kill you slowly with their high levels of fat, salt, cholesterol, sodium, and cancer-inducing nitrites. But if you want to expedite the process, take a bite of these deadly dogs.

1. Crif Dog’s Breakfast Hot Dog


Start the morning right with the Breakfast Hot Dog from Crif Dog’s in New York. Wrapped in bacon and deep-fried, this dog is accompanied with a fried egg and American cheese. All it’s missing is a layer of hash browns and sausage gravy. Hey, when you think about it that way, this breakfast dog is bush-league! Time to step it up, Crif’s. Read more about this hot dog here.

2. South Korea’s French Fry Hot Dog on a Stick


It may look modest compared to the rest of this list, but don’t let the lack of preposterous toppings fool you. The French Fry Hot Dog on a Stick will stick your arteries like Velcro. This South Korean specialty dog is covered in thick-cut french fries and deep fried. Top it with some melted cheese and you’re on your way to bypass boulevard. Read more about this hot dog here.

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