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Top 10 Hottest Chicks Who Sing Music

So there’s a bunch of these hot chicks who sing music that people listen to. The music comes from their lungs and a lot of them have big lungs which is what helps make them so hot. With apologies to Nell Carter, these are today’s ten hottest chicks with nice lungs who sing songs. Oonga boonga.

#10 Katharine McPhee - If Katharine was flat-chested, she might not have made the list. Fortunately for Katharine she is extremely not flat-chested.

#9 Taylor Swift - My hottest teacher was my second grade teacher Mrs. Taylor. She was hot and blonde just like Taylor, that’s why I told you that. And my first babysitter’s name was Bonnie Booblets. True story. And she had nice booblets.

#8 Rihanna – Her music is annoying as all hell, but she sure is a looker. She always wear those tight clothes that show her dirty parts.

#7 Willa Ford - She’s really hot and she looks like she could beat you up. I’d sure take a good drunken punch f*cking from her.

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