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Top 10: Ways Men Have Brainwashed Women

Throwing thongs on stage, hooking their bra onto the ceiling of a bar, kissing other girls on a dance floor; if women considered why they do the things they do, they may be surprised to find out they’re not the masterminds behind all their actions. In reality, men have pulled their strings for ages by encouraging behavior, fashion or attitudes that largely serve male interests alone.

To celebrate this, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 ways men have brainwashed women. From women enduring discomfort to look good in our eyes to taking on child duties, we’ve covered them all.

Ready to see how you’ve hypnotized the female gender? Here are the top 10 ways men have brainwashed women.

No. 10 – Pole Dancing as Empowerment

OK ladies, you’ve done Pilates, tried yoga, got your 30-minute abs, and done your NordicTrack. But now, after years of hiding in smoke-filled rooms performing for men in desperate areas of town, comes the exercise you can reclaim for your suburban living room: pole dancing.

Thanks to earlier movies written by us men (Striptease and Showgirls) that positioned stripping as an act of female empowerment, Carmen Electra has taken up the cause for pole dancing with her own home kits. Now women can pole dance to get fit and commune with their female power while we get something to watch for free between our sports programs.

No. 9 – SUVs as Family  Cars

“No, honey, not that Aerostar;” “This Land Rover’s much, much safer;” “Plus it can get us out of a jam with four-wheel drive;” “Just think: It could get a truck full of screaming kids home that much faster.” Women have heard it all. And yet, even though SUVs drain the environment and women’s wallets of $200 of gas a week, women have been brainwashed to think of them as useful, spacious vehicles even though they only have a little more space than most cars on the market.

However, women still sign on the dotted line — which, in the end, helps us men look better behind the wheel.

No. 8 – The “Lesbian Phase”

Katy Perry does it and confessed to it in a hit song. Angelina Jolie had a fling. Alanis Morrissette even admitted to it.

The “lesbian phase” has become a rite of passage for girls on their way to become women. While women get to perceive themselves as enlightened and daring for their girl-on-girl kisses in bars, at football games on TV or to sell records, we get to sit back and enjoy the show.

No. 7 – Day Cares in Offices

With career wives competing with their husbands for jobs in business, it can seem impossible to raise kids without a nanny. Then a modern invention arrived to solve the problem: office day cares.

With these handy locales women bring their kids with them, work during the day and have a presence in their kids’ day-to-day lives at the same time. The brainwash is that the day cares appear as a great privilege — you can be a modern woman and a mom all in one shot.

Yet, in reality it can mean juggling more responsibilities throughout the day and working harder to manage a schedule that’s almost impossible to keep up. In short, more work for the ladies and a lot less for us.

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