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Top 10 Most Expensive Car Crashes Ever

Whenever someone wrecks a car, it’s always a sad situation. They have to deal with insurance and repairs which usually cost up to a few thousand dollars.

What’s even sadder is when someone wrecks an exotic car. That’s when the repair costs start to make you weep.

But even an ordinary exotic crash doesn’t compare to the accidents we’re about to show you. These wrecks are in a league of their own. They involve cars that are so unique and rare, only billionaires can easily afford them.

#10. Bugatti EB110 -


You know these are expensive crashes when a $500,000 super-exotic barely makes it to #10 on the list. This 1992 Bugatti EB110 was being driven by a mechanic as part of its annual checkup. He claims there was an oil slick on the road which caused him to lose control and crash into a pole.

The owner of the Bugatti is a famous “feel good” guru named Emile Ratelband. Not sure how good he was feeling after this wreck.
Bugatti EB110
Bugatti EB110

#9. Pagani Zonda C12 S -


Only 15 Zonda C12 S were ever built but that didn’t stop this owner from driving it like a bat out of hell. He crashed this beauty in the wee morning hours while driving in Hong Kong.

Pagani Zonda

#8. Mercedes Benz SL 300 -


The SL 300 “Gullwing” represents the very finest of Mercedes. It is THE classic car. Unfortunately, there’s been more than one crash involving this masterpiece.

You’re looking at a car that was once worth nearly a million dollars. The owner thought it would be a good idea to race it on the streets of Mexico. No, not a street race, but the annual “La Carrera Panamericana” race which is limited to classic cars produced before 1965. Mercedes Benz SL 300 Gullwing
The guy below was even less fortunate.

He would never consider putting his car in harm’s way intentionally, but was rammed into by a landscape truck owned by the city of Seattle. The funny part – the name on the side of the truck read “Impact Landscaping”.
Mercedes 300SL

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