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The 10 Hottest Jessica Biel Videos of All Time

Jessica Biel can be best described as “God damn” hot. That’s because every time you see a photo of her or see her in a movie you have no choice but to say, “God damn!” She is also often referred to as “good lord” hot, “Jesus freaking Christ” hot and “holy f*cking crap that chick is hot” hot.

And the best part is that Jessica apparently has a movie coming out soon where she’s not wearing a top or bra of any kind. The day that movie comes out, she will be forever described as “God damn Jesus mother fracking Christ of everything that is holy and craptastically almighty” hot.

#10 Jessica Plays With Her Gerber Servers And Shakes Them Too -

Just pretend your hands are Jessica Biel’s hands and you and this video will bond with each other.

#9 Jessica Does The Booty Shaking Dance -

The only time I will ever post a clip from Ellen… ever! I owe that to all of you and myself. And look at that perfect booty shake.

#8 Jessica Puts On A Bikini Waterfall Show -

Nobody ever saw Stealth, but everyone saw this scene. Her body is so perfect it’s almost like she’s a mannequin.

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