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The 10 Hottest Nascar and Formula One Wags

I guess the whole fast cars, fast women thing really is true. I drive a 1999 Mercury Cougar, so maybe it’s time to rethink my car strategy considering most of the guys who got these girls look like your typical alcoholic uncle.

It’s a lesson for all the kids out there. Get rich, drive a cool car or own the largest condom and chili distribution company in the world and you can have any woman you want.

#10 Elisabetta Gregoraci (Wife Of Flavio Briatore)

Before she watched cars go in circles for a living, Elisabetta was an Italian model and host of the Italian show Buona Domenica. Which I believe is Italian for “I married a rich old guy.”

#9 Cora Shumacher (Wife Of Ralf Schumacher) - I hear that Ralf married Cora because of her amazing sense of humor. He denies that it had anything to do with area below her neck.

#8 Connie Montoya (Wife Of Juan Pablo Montoya) -Besides making Juan’s pit look prettier, Connie runs a charitable organization called “Formula Smiles.” All the smiles are generated by people who look at her.

#7 Tara Roquemore (Girlfriend Of Tony Stewart) - Their relationship is known in NASCAR circles as “TNT.” Tara is a former marketing director for Home Depot who got Tony with her corporate discount and her wide selection of power tools. You know I’m talking about power drills, right. Sickos.

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