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Favorite Simpsons-Inspired Pop-Culture Character Art From Springfield Punx

With The Simpsons‘ 19th edition of their “Treehouse of Horrors” Halloween special less than a week away, there couldn’t be a better time to honor the great work of Dean the artist at Springfield Punx, a blog dedicated to parodying pop culture’s most well-known characters with pitch-perfect Simpsons’ facelifts.

There are too many great ones to list–go to Springfield Punx and click all the way through, it’s worth it–so I’ll just get you started with some of my favorites.

Wonder Woman – Lynda Carter

Lion-O – Thundercats

Ghost Rider – Marvel Comics

Ms. Marvel – Marvel Comics

Marty McFly – Back to the Future

Harley Quinn – Batman Comics

Skeletor – MOTU

Dark Phoenix – Marvel Comics

Tobias Funke – Arrested Development

Find more equally-brilliant Simpsons’ art parodies at Springfield Punx.