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The 10 Hottest Boob Prank Videos of All Time

Men are helpless when it comes to interacting with large boobs. You can put a pair of large pair of boobs in front of a man, set his hair on fire and he wouldn’t even notice. That’s what we need to catch that Bin Laden guy. A bunch of hot female soldiers in bikinis. We have them send Bin Laden some hot photos in the mail with a letter saying they have nuclear bombs that they want to sell him. He’ll of course agree to meet them in his cave, and when they get there, he’ll be mesmerized by their giant juggs.

When he finally comes to his senses and asks for the nuclear bombs, they’ll all point to their boobs and say, “right here, silly.” Genius, right?

#10 The Old Dentist With Huge Boobs Prank -  A lot of people don’t know this, but sucking on boobs is one of the major causes of cavities.  Why do you think they call it “getting some sugar.”

#9 The Keys In The Cleavage Bit - And the day I find a sirloin steak and fries in cleavage will be the greatest day of my life.

#8 The Boob Map Prank – The easiest way to find your way into her pants is on her boobs. What do you think those veins are for.

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