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Ten Pornstars Who Ran for Public Office

Believe it or not, pornography and politics are not necessarily strange bedfellows, as we explore now in Ten Pornstars who ran for public office.

#10 – Marilyn Chambers


Let’s start with one of the most famous porn stars of all, the legendary star of the Mitchell Brother’s classic Behind The Green Door, Marilyn Chambers.

While she went on to have a long and enthusiastic career in porn, you may not know that in the 2004 US Presidential Election, she ran for Vice President on the Personal Choice Party ticket, a quasi-libertarian party, for which she received a total of 946 votes.

#9 – Milly d’Abbraccio


The first of three Italian entries on our list, socialist and veteran pornstar Milly D’Abbraccio ran in April 2008 for a seat on Rome’s city hall, and featured her ass prominently on all campaign posters. The star of The Kiss of the Cobra and Paolina Borghese, Imperial Nymphomaniac said that – if elected – she would create a red light area with strip clubs, erotic discos and sex shops called “Love City” just miles away from the Vatican.

#8 – Peter Bond


In 2002, a former German pornstar and game show host named Peter Bond ran for a seat in parliament on the liberal Freed Democrats ticket. No word on whether lederhosen and bratwurst featured in his manifesto.

#7 – Mimi Myagi

mimi miyagi melody damayo governor pornography porn star adult film.JPG

The DD-breasted Filipino porn star Mimi Myagi was running a very successful live nude chat webchat when, in 2006, she filed as a Republican gubernatorial candidate in the state of Nevada, under her birth name, Melody Damayo, with the slogan “I’m bare and honest at all times”.

Her campaign was even endorsed by Wonkette.

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