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Nonalignment Pact: Politic-Talk at

More than ever before, the Internet has become a hotbed for politics, and the opinions of anybody with a WordPress account and an axe to grind can get a following, respectable or not. Trust is always the central issue in politics, and it’s increasingly difficult to separate the news from bias in today’s tense climate.

Most popular political sites skew stories about their opposition to the point that you’re blindly bashing a person’s character as well without hearing the neutral truth of the matter. To avoid such outrageous claims and hearsay, I strongly suggest using a site like to get your daily news. is user-powered and endorses no particular party or viewpoint–it’s literally by the people, for the people. To preserve the viewpoints and attitudes of individuals, the website offers a community-based look and feel, where everybody has the right to express their opinion and debate on issues without feeling the minority. A strong, dedicated siding with your party of choice is what will matter next week on Election Day, so be sure the news you receive doesn’t leave out crucial points that could ultimately preserve or change your outlook.

Alignment may be necessary overall, but the first and final word on issues should always be made by a community, unbiased, before decisions are made.