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Foxy Lady: The 10 Hottest Moments in Megan Fox History…So Far

There’s hot and then there’s Megan Fox hot. Megan Fox hot entails taking any normal ridiculously hot girl and multiplying her hotness times a thousand. She’s done so little so far yet it seems she’s already done so much.

If you’re ever having a bad day, just do an image search for Megan Fox on Google and you’ll feel much better. I recommend her on set nipple pasty shots. Those are my favorites.

#10 Megan Fox’s Ridiculously Hot FHM Photoshoot -  She should just have her own monthly magazine at this point. The first issue should be dedicated to Megan covered in different types of food … like Manwich, for example.

#9 Megan Melts Jimmy Kimmel -

I think she said some words during the course of the interview but for some reason I can’t seem to remember anything she said.

#8 Kelly Ripa Looks Invisible Next To Megan In A Bikini – If they really do have that human cloning technology perfected we should test it on Megan first. Then there could be a movie where every character in the movie is Megan.

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