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10 Tips for Living Like James Bond

You may not have to outwit evil masterminds who have a nuclear bomb ready to blow up the planet, but every man has nasty villains he needs to overcome and entrancing double agents he’d like to seduce. In preparation for the new James Bond movie, “Quantum of Solace,” we’re going to teach you how to incorporate the wisdom of Bond into your life.

10. Bluff Like a Pro

Only James Bond can beat a man with a straight flush using little more than a good bluff.

Developing a poker face comes in handy at the card table, and when your boss asks what you were doing on your lunch break.

9. Sarcasm Is Your Greatest Weapon

While being tortured in “Casino Royale,” Bond quips that “the whole world’s gonna know that you died scratching my balls.” His use of sarcasm undermines his nemesis Le Chiffre, and buys him some time.

Likewise, cracking a joke can diffuse a tense situation at the bar. Just make sure the drunk guy in your face has a sense of humor.

8. Always Be Aware

If you’re on the slopes and the Russians are after you, be on the lookout for help anywhere you can get it, such as a discarded snowmobile you can use to cruise down the mountain.

So, like Bond, look out for those “hidden snowmobiles” in your life.

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