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The 10 Hottest Bond Girls of All Time

So in case you haven’t heard, there’s this really cool spy named James Bond and he likes to drink a shaken martini and fight evil bad guys. When he’s not fighting evil bad guys, he’s having lots of dirty naked time fun with the hottest woman of every city that he visits.

James is really great guy and he’s saved the world a bunch of times, but what’s he probably never told anyone is that he has gonorrhea, syphilis and genital warts. I mean, how could he not at this point.

#10 Eva Green A.K.A “Vesper Lynd” (Casino Royale) - In was really difficult to watch a movie where Eva Green wore clothes after seeing The Dreamers, but seeing her in clothes wasn’t half bad either.

I can’t even remember what some of my ex-girlfriends look like naked, but naked Eva Green is forever burned in my brain.

#9 Jane Seymour A.K.A. “Solitaire” (Live And Let Die) – Before she was Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Jane was giving James Bond physicals … in bed. She probably also gave him a hernia test too because she’s a pretend doctor who takes her pretend profession very seriously.

#8 Famke Janssen A.K.A “Xenia Onatopp” (Goldeneye) – She went from having a name that sounds like “funky johnson” in real life to being Xenia Onatopp, which is Russian for “likes to have sex on a top.”

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