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The 10 Greatest Superheroes to Get Drunk With

Ah, liquor. You make the making of friends so much easier. And this makes sense; friends and booze just go together—mainly because people are seldom impressed when you’re drinking alone. So with Oktoberfest winding down, it behooves us to turn to our left and right, examine closely who we’ve been drinking with these past few weeks, and judge them unfairly against superheroes who might well have made far better drinking buddies.

Sure, they’re fictional, but then again, once you start drinking, all sorts of new opportunities pop up that don’t when you’re pathetically sober. Raise a mug, glass, or flagon: here’s to super-wing-men.

10. The Thing

The Fantastic Four’s Ben Grimm doesn’t have some super-resistance to alcohol that drives him to drink—he drinks because he likes it. Gotta admire that. And seriously, if you were something of a jock-pilot-man’s man, and suddenly your rock-hard pecs became just rock-pecs? You’d drink too. Grimm drowns his sorrows with tons of beer and great poker parties, though the trick is leaving with your winnings and a buzz on before Ben starts saying stuff like “You’re my best friend” and “I ever tell you about Yancy Street?” You hear that, and you’re in for a fantastic four hours of belabored drunken super-commiseration.

9. Green Arrow

Another hero that just likes to down brews and get it on with the ladies—Oliver Queen is the kind of guy that you just know checks out Star City’s local Oktoberfest celebration. Bring on the Wurstel and Brezel, and pour him some Paulaner, and let Mayor Green Arrow get ready to wow constituents in the crossbow competition in the Armbrustschützenzelt.

8. Jesse Custer, Cassidy and Tulip

A preacher, a vampire, and a blonde walk into a bar…but it’s no joke. This is serious drinking, kids. How often do you get to drink with a vampire? Let alone a hot blonde with self-esteem issues. And buddying up with a guy endowed with the undefiable Word of God? All Jesse has to say is “more,” and bang, more 30-year Laphroaig than you can handle.

7. Wolverine

There are three things you need to know about drinking with Logan. One, sometimes he can get drunk, and sometimes he can’t—depends on who’s writing his healing factor that day. Two, he’ll drink any beer until he’s good and drunk, at which point only Labatt 50 will do. And three, when he starts talking about “missing the stubbies,” don’t worry—he’s still talking about beer. (Oh, and one more thing—if he starts singing “O Canada,” you’d better join in.)

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