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7 Signs UFOs Have Existed Since Ancient Times

I’m sure UFOs have been around this planet for a lot longer than most of our civilizations. There have been numerous paintings, cave wall art, written documents about UFO existence long before our generation. This disproves a lot of people thinking all UFOs are military experiments.

Here are the 7 best examples of ancient UFO existence.

7. The Madonna with Giovannino

This was painted around the 15th century by an artist named Domenico Ghirlandaio. Above Mary is a disk shaped object which has a glowing light shining from it. You can see a closer shot of the UFO, which shows it’s not just a spot on the painting.

If that doesn’t make you believe the artist intended it to paint a UFO, look at the man and dog on the right. They are clearly looking at the object. The artist was painting a UFO in the 15th century, long before human aircraft was possible.

6. The 776 AD UFO Sighting in France

Both of these images come from a historical records booked titled “Annales Laurissenses”. They refer to a UFO sighting in the year 776, during the siege on Sigiburg castle, France.

The Saxons were laying siege on France, well all of a sudden some “flaming shields” came out of the sky, and hovered around the church. The Saxons thought they were protecting the French and immediately fled.

5. Sahara Desert, North Africa, 6,500 BC

This image is from a cave in North Africa. Notice both the strange device on this figures head. Also take a close look and see the flying saucer above him to the right. Maybe this figure is wearing a space-suit and helmet?

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