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Video Game Cart Art

“Super Mario Bros.”

The Minus-World (one of my most frequented sites) posted an interview with Slip of Hush Monkey Studios, who transforms old video game carts into art.

On the process of creating each piece:

“…While it’s dryin’ I hit the Bristol board and get to drawing. I normally have the idea of what I want to draw before hand. Cutting out the images and gettin’ all the tiny tiny details is extremely tedious but is definitely rewarding once the final product is produced. A lot of the newer created ones were a series of layered art. The last double cartridge I did consisted of nine or ten different layers. It’s kinda hard to tell via the internet but up close I think they look fantastic.”


“The Legend of Zelda”


“Pac Man 5200″

Check out more of Slip’s art at Hush Monkey Studios.