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Top 10 Foods That Look Like Boobs

Boobs are what make the world go round. They’re the reason men get out of bed in the morning and the reason which pretty do anything at all. They consume our thoughts on a daily basis and they’re everywhere we look just staring at us…tempting us with their awesomeness. Then when we stop for a second to actually eat everyday and not think about boobs and there’s our boob-looking food just staring back at us.

It starts to make you wonder if everything that exists in this world is actually just another form of boobs. I mean, planet Earth looks like one giant big blue boob if you think about. Maybe the universe is just one giant collection of planetary boobs? Take that Stephen Hawking.

#10 Fried Eggs - Both eggs and boobs are the most nutritious way to start off every morning. I like to add a little salt and pepper to my boobs too for flavor.

#9 Pumpkins - Isn’t Halloween the best. All the girls are dressed like slutty hookers, everyone gets really drunk and you’re surrounded by giant orange pumpkin boobs strewn all over town. And you get to dress up like Star Wars characters and nobody can beat you up.

#8 Fruit & Cheese Danishes – The key is to get the one’s with the cherry filling to experience the true boobie pleasure of this pastry. The only problem is it takes forever to eat the damn things because you can’t stop fondling, licking and sucking on them rather than actually eating them.

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