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The 10 Sexiest Body Paint Videos of All Time

Clothing on any attractive woman makes absolutely no sense to begin with. It really angers me that they’re forced by society and lawmakers to wear itchy/hot clothes that make them uncomfortable when we all know they’d be much more relaxed if they were always naked. Either that or they can wear this body paint stuff until the lawmakers and society come around.

The reason I’m for the body paint is because you can pretty much see exactly what they’re boobs look like.

#10 Jennifer Janesko Seems To Like Her Body Paint Bikini - I’m not sure exactly who this girl is, but I’m betting she’s semi-famous because of certain body parts.

#9 Mandy Graff Wears Her Body Paint On The Beach - It’s only a seven second video, but what a seven seconds it is.

#8 How To Make A Body Paint Bikini – Apparently finding a “shapely” girl like this one is a huge first step. The larger the breast canvas, the better.

#7 Body Paint By Number - And yet another new nipple covering technology is discovered. I hate nipple covering technology.

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