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The Shannon Twins: Hefner’s New Girls?

When news broke out that Holly Madison, the last original Girl Next Door, broke up with Hef I wondered how long it would take him to get over the depression and heartbreak (read: find a new batch of sexy blondes).

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Shannon Twins of Tampa, Florida.

At 19 years old, the Shannon twins have a Playboy pictorial later this year, and residency at Hef’s playhouse if they’re his next conquest. Word also has it that Kelly Carrington, October’s Playmate of the Month may be up for the offer…and then there’s Crystal McCahill, a non-blonde who’s caught his attention as well.

For Hugh Hefner, the dating world is like being a kid in a candy store–a candy store lined wall-to-wall with boobs and asses.

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