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What Does Your Bar Tab Say About You?

Have you ever seen a receipt laying on a bar top, and thought to yourself “I bet I know what kind of person this belongs to”?  Is it possible to formulate a conclusion based solely on what someone ordered?  We’d like to think so.

6) The Wannabe Musician

The wannabe musician considers himself to be an artist.  He starts off with micro brews or imports to let everyone know that he is a sophisticated individual, who will not conform to trends.  As the night wears on, he begins to wonder why he hasn’t booked a gig in 2 years, and starts to order something with higher alcohol content.

After gulping down his Long Island Iced Tea, he begins to realize that his music sucks.  From here on out he orders shots of Jose until he runs out of cash.  After leaving a $1.32 tip, he heads back to his ride.

5) The Construction Worker

After working 12 hours in the sweltering heat, The Construction Worker hits his favorite bar.  He knows everyone by their first name and usually keeps himself in well mannered.  Around beer #9 he begins to refer to the bartender as “sugar tits” instead of  “Kimmie” (all in good fun).

After completing beer #12, he hops in his F-150, drives home to his wife, and doesn’t swerve once.

4) The Aspiring Actress

The Aspiring Actress enters a popular night club and only orders club soda.  She has $20 to her name and this is the cheapest drink on the menu.  Thankfully, some sap in a suit rolls up on her after club soda #2, and offers to buy her some real drinks.  After telling her that she is talented and beautiful, he pays for the rest of the tab, and takes her back to his place.  Dignity is small price to pay when you just got 5 free cosmos and a compliment.

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