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Hugh Hefner’s Long List Of Girlfriends

Hugh Hefner has been in the news a lot lately. First, it was for rumors that 2 of his “girlfriends” left him for other celebrities – Kendra for Eagles receiver Hank Baskett and Holly for illusionist douche Criss Angel. This week, the story is that he’s facing bankruptcy. Regardless of what people are saying, when you’ve lived a life like him, nothing else matters.

For all we know, Hugh rivals Wilt Chamberlain in the gettin-it department. Below are the ladies that he’s called his girlfriend at one point or another. They’re usually Playmates of the Year, but sometimes he settles for actresses, hoochies, foreigners, or even wives.

Playmates of the Year

Donna Michelle:

Marilyn Cole:

Lillian Muller:

Hefner did admit to dabbling in bisexuality, and tranny-like Muller might have inspired it.

Patti McGuire:

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