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Canadian Bacon: The 10 Hottest Canadian Female Celebrities of All Time

Why does everyone make fun of Canada so much?

Is it because they don’t have a real military, the pseudo-French accents and the fact that nobody cares about hockey anymore? Maybe it’s because of Bryan Adams and Celine Dion’s horrific music and Hayden Christensen’s gut-wrenching portrayal of Anakin Skywalker? I honestly don’t have the answers but I do known that they have some good beer. And some really hot girls were born there who have boobs and stuff.

#10 Rachael McAdams - It’s amazing how much time she’s spent being naked so early on in her career. And to think we’ll all be able to sit back and enjoy as she continues to grow into a woman. I’m talking about her boobies, of course.

#9 Kathleen Robertson - We all remember Kathleen as one of the hottest girls in the history of 90210.

Many Canadian grizzly bears have been quoted as saying they find Kathleen to be Canada’s “Most Hibernate-able” female celebrity.

#8 Shania Twain – Shania has kind of become Waldo over the last ten years.

And if Waldo had a rack like that, people would’ve found that freaky bastard in two seconds.

#7 Pamela Anderson – What a life. Being discovered at a hockey game on a Jumbotron which led to her getting Jumbotron boobs and hence a career as a Jumbotron-boobed celebrity.

Hopefully those suckers don’t explode in the next two years.

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