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Australian Artist To Smoke Kurt Cobain’s Ashes

Remember earlier this year when Kurt Cobain’s ashes were stolen? Well, they have supposedly turned up and will be taken care of…by getting inhaled.

Natascha Stellmach, an artist living in Australia, claims to have “acquired” the ashes of the Nirvana frontman, and is planning to smoke them in a spliff for the final act of the Set Me Free exhibition on October 11.

Stellmach says the act will “set him free” from the media circus.

Hmmm…something tells me that smoking the ashes of a dead rock star in a spliff as the finale of an art show isn’t the greatest way to set anything free from the long arm of the media. As evidenced by this very blog post.

Good job, idiot. You must be high off your own pretentious artsy farts to think this serves any real purpose, outside of getting yourself media exposure.