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Magical Mishaps in Magician History

I heard that David Blaine recently did some sort of upside-down, topsy-turvy hunger strike thing that he does every once in a while to remind people that he’s still relevant (he’s not). The only part I caught of his (quote) death-defying stunt (unquote) was him descending slowly and sloppily from 44 feet above.

Blaine’s stunt was complete crap, which would be fine if it was still entertaining; it wasn’t, unlike the following clips. These magical mishaps could land the magicians on the cover of Poof Magazine (Poof Goof of the Year!) in a flash.

Watch the masters at work after the jump.

Keep your eye on the ball(s):

“Can we cut that?”

“Johnny O., go…away.”

No mistakes, outside of that strong 80′s cheese:

Fake for sure, but awkwardly entertaining (like most magic):

Two counts of the wrong hand at the wrong time:

Harry Blackstone, all-time great, fails miserably:

…And last but not least, the goofball, the joker, the magician: