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10 of the Greatest Pop Culture Ninjas

Our friends at Sand & Cotton bring you their take on the everlasting debate: who is the greatest ninja in pop culture? My nomination goes to my childhood personal hero Sho Kosugi, the ninja master, all-around badass.

1. Enter The Ninja

Best Death Ever

2. Storm Shadow


Storm Shadow was the coolest motherfucking GI Joe toy of all time. If there was one thing that could end a childhood friendship it would be at the moment of divvying-up the Joes and there was only one Storm Shadow. Everybody wanted Storm Shadow and fuck Snake Eyes.

If I couldn’t have Storm Shadow I didn’t want to play. My Lady Jaye figure wouldn’t fuck anybody else either. You know what I’m talking about…when you’d have their kung-fu grip wrapped around each other and your parents would walk in and you’d pray that they didn’t see that you had them wrapped up in the humping position while Cobra Commander and Destro watched.

3. Ninja Gaiden

I’ll be honest, I haven’t played any of the newer Ninja Gaiden games at all, but I spent enough time playing the original that it should be more than enough to make up for it. As a matter of fact, I am going to get up as soon as I finish this and see if it’s available for download on the Wii. While I’m on the subject, I also want Rolling Thunder and Blaster Master. Is that too much to ask?

4. Ask A Ninja

Picking a favorite here is just impossible. It’s like trying to pick your favorite kid. You know you have one but you can’t admit it openly, or even to yourself, for fear of making all the other kids jealous.

And you certainly don’t want to upset a ninja.

5. American Ninja

I could never really understand why the Japanese have such a problem with sharing the secrets of Ninjitsu with Westerners. I mean, let’s be fair, we shared McDonald’s and Wal-Mart with them. Is it so much to ask to be trained in the way of the warrior as their ancestors were? Thanks for the bukkake fetish videos, Japan, but we’d prefer Ninja skills.

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