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19 Really Cool Gadgets for Your Office or Cubicle

The office can be a cold, hard, unfeeling, life-sucking place to spend your working days, but then again you don’t have to live in Dilbertsville. For all the stigma surrounding “the office,” you’re getting unique opportunities to interact with people and your environment in between filing TPS reports.

Here are 19 gadgets that will help to turn that day job prison into a techy heaven!

1. Newton’s USB Cradle

A new take on an old office classic, the USB Newton’s Cradle from Boynq gracefully suspends 4 USB cables aloft like the classic Newton’s cradle, affording you great functionality in a slick form factor.

2. The Stealth Switch – Tap It With Your Foot To Hide Your Games or MySpace Windows At Work

What fun would work be without a little procrastination? This foot pedal attaches to your Windows machine and sits on the floor while you play your games or browse around, carefully avoiding your work. If the boss walks into the room, simply stomp the pedal and it will hide your troublesome open windows! You can snag one now for $39.95.

3. Nappak – Portable Sleeping Cube

A well rested employee is a productive employee. Either that or they’re just lazy! Either way, this portable sleeping cube dubbed the Nappak is sure to provide some peaceful office Z’s for those who need it. Hey, it works for Google!

4. USB Coffee Warmer

Technological convergence can be a great thing. For those of you who require their caffeine fix, this little USB-powered hot plate is your newest best friend. While it won’t bring your cup o’ joe (or favorite tea) to a bubbling boil, it will keep it nice and warm around 104 F right next to your computer!

5. Carpet Skates

These were too funny not to include! Just slip these guys over your shoes and their sheer surfaces will reduce the friction enough to allow you to glide at blinding speed across your office carpet! Late for that 3 o’clock meeting on the other side of the floor? No problem any more! Note: Speed skating/ninja suit not included, though strange glances from your coworkers are something you’ll be sure to attract. (Of course, you’re productivity will probably skyrocket as well, so you’ll have the last laugh at your mid-year review!)

6. USB Beverage Chiller

USB ports are a great thing and should be put to use! Maybe the beverage warmer above isn’t your, ahem, cup of tea. In that case, why not cool down with this USB Beverage Chiller. It’s guaranteed to keep your favorite drink at a nice, frosty 45 F.

7. Optimus Popularis – A Keyboard With LCD Keys

After a long period if use, the standard office keyboard can become a pretty boring thing to look at. Well you can just get this guy and you will have the hottest keyboard in your office. Each key on this keyboard is actually and LCD screen and it allows you to customize each one to fit your preferences.

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