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Top 10 Child Actresses Who Became Hotties

One of the many dirty little secrets all men have is that we privately discuss which young female actresses might grow up to be hot and which ones won’t. We can’t help it… it’s in our DNA. Now before everyone calls the FBI every man in America, please understand that there’s nothing dirty about it and we all wait until they’re 18 before we start barking at the hot ones who become hot and publicly pressure them to do topless scenes through the power of the media.

Come on ladies, don’t give us that look. Your entire lives are one giant secret after another. The least you can let us do is have this one vice.

#10 Christina Ricci – Christina quickly went from that “weird-looking little girl in The Addam’s Family” to the “have you seen the size of the boobs on that weird-looking girl from The Addam’s Family” girl?

#9 Hayden Panettiere – America’s favorite girl next door has developed into quite a hot little lady. The future might not bode well for Hayden, but she’s looking awfully good now.

#8 Drew Barrymore – The boobies, the drug and alcohol addictions and the willingness to get naked. Yes, Drew is the perfect child star come true.

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