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The Hottest Girls Who Call Miami Home


Well, look what we have here. According to an online survey conducted by Travel + Leisure magazine, the most beautiful people in America reside in Miami, Florida. Thanks for the heads up T+L, but no shit.

We didn’t need an online survey to tell us that Miami has more dimes than WaMu. What, you thought every rapper bought a spot down there for Club Mansion and Wet Willies? C’mon. Although M-I-Yayo is now home to some of the baddest women on the planet, it’s also produced more bangers than Khaled. Peep our fave five…


NAME: Natalie Martinez
OCCUPATION: Actress on the come up, JLO by Jennifer Lopez model.

NAME: Katrina Laverne Taylor b.k.a. Trina
OCCUPATION: Rapper, Former Weezy bust it baby.


NAME: Diora Baird
OCCUPATION: Former Guess model, “Actress”

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